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Plant nurseries
People often us ask where we got our plants from. Cotati Creek Critters built up a nursery containing a wide selection of native plants, thanks to support from:

For gardening with natives in your own backyard, local native plant nurseries and other sources of native plants include the three listed above with links, plus:

Laguna Headwaters Loop Walk
The Cotati Creek Critters have put together a walk route that explores the southern-most reaches of the Laguna. Download the Headwaters Loop Walk description and route map.



  • For a presentation on the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Past, Present and Future, by Denise Cadman, given in Cotati on January 12, 2012, click here.


Poster: “ A World of Plastic” - the problem with plastics by Jade Nguyen, SSU intern, 2009.


Acorn Soupe: The mission of Acorn Soupe is to connect children and our community to nature through hands-on education.

California Native Grasslands Association: The mission of the California Native Grasslands Association is to promote, preserve, and restore the diversity of California's native grasses and grassland ecosystems through education, advocacy, research and stewardship.

California Native Plant Society, Milo Baker Chapter.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation: The Laguna Foundation works to improve the ecological health of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sonoma County’s richest wildlife area, and to inspire appreciation and enjoyment of this unique natural treasure. It works in the areas of restoration, education, and research.
Enhancing and Caring for the Laguna – a plan for managing and restoring the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed.

The Leadership Institute for Ecology & the Economy

MuRefuge: Cathie Haynes’ blogspot, “BE-ing Rooted: a Practice in Essential Living” at http://beingrooted.blogspot.com

National Wildlife Federation: To learn about wildlife habitat gardening, and how to certify your own backyard as wildlife habitat, contact the National Wildlife Federation

Nature Tots: Nature Tots’ mission is to cultivate a love of nature of our youngest citizens, through direct exposure to the outdoors and by encouraging and facilitating their innate curiosity of the natural world. Nature Tots also seeks to educate parents of young children on the benefits of regular exposure to nature – both for their own personal well-being as well as for the importance of our nation’s future conservation efforts.

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, and WATER Institute (Water Advocacy, Training, Education and Research): The WATER Institute runs courses on stormwater harvesting, rainwater catchment, and starting and sustaining watershed groups. Contact Brock Dolman, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, 15290 Coleman Valley Road, Occidental, CA 95465. (707) 874-1557

PRBO Conservation Science: Dedicated to conserving birds, other wildlife, and their ecosystems through innovative scientific research and outreach.

Recycletown: 500 Mecham Road, Petaluma, CA. Many thanks to Recycletown for providing many of our invaluable tools!

Society for Ecological Restoration: The mission of the Society for Ecological Restoration is "to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and reestablishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture."

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition: The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit, membership-based organization created to encourage cycling in Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency: For information on how to recycle just about anything, and how to properly dispose of items that can’t be recycled, contact Sonoma County’s Eco-Desk (707) 565-DESK (3375)

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Sonoma Mountain Village:“An award-winning, deeply sustainable community combines the age-old idea of designing for people with cutting-edge sustainability to create a community that cares for our lifestyle, as well as Earth’s natural resources.”

The STRAW Project (Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed), a project of PRBO Conservation Science http://www.prbo.org/cms/192: The project coordinates and sustains a network of teachers, students, restoration specialists, and other community members as they plan and implement watershed studies and restoration projects in Marin and Sonoma counties.

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference


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